Oikat is Maa for wildebeest. While I was in Kenya Being a photographer for Global Resolve I saw a lot of Oikats!

It is an interesting looking creature!

Here are some interesting facts about the wildebeest.

The wildebeest is part of the antelope family. 1
There are two kinds of wildebeests in Africa, the Black wildebeest and Blue wildebeest. 1

The Blue wildebeest migrate from Tanzania to Kenya and back, which is a distance of up to 500 miles. 2

Here is a map of the Great Migration.
We were staying very close to the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya. The wildebeest usually come into Kenya in July. They were early this year so I got to see thousands of them on the safaris/ game drives when I was there in June

Zebras and wildebeest migrate together.
The Zebra's feed on the long grass and the wildebeest the short grasses. 2

The biggest thing I learned is Wildebeest are noisy!
They make a loud noise to warn off other males and chase after them to protect their family groups.

Elephants and rinos do not like the noise and go to the other part of the reserve while the wildebeest are in Kenya.

I am so happy that I got to see so many wildebeest and learn more about these very interesting creatures!

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2- Lion World Travel- Wildebeest Facts

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