Lilac Season at Manito Park

Yesterday my daughter and I both got the urge to drive to Manito Park in Spokane, WA, to see the lilacs. So we gathered up our water bottles and her dog, hopped into her car, and off we went. A large lilac grove contains many varieties and colors of the fragrant bushes, including white and shades of pink, purple, and blue. They don't all bloom at once, so the beauty is spread out over a few weeks' time.


The short walk from the parking area took us past the duck pond. It's a very peaceful spot, and I enjoy hearing the funny little quacking noises the ducks make. There weren't many ducks this time, and we didn't see the swans that used to live there.


I assume this is a weeping willow drooped gracefully over the water.


And I assume this is another weeping willow in the nearby picnic area. It is a huge tree!


Then we reached the lilac garden. It smelled heavenly!


20210521_161704 trimmed_7.jpg

20210521_161337 trimmed_1.jpg

My grandpuppy even stopped to smell the lilacs!


The lilac festival was canceled last year as well as this year, due to Covid panic. I've always wanted to attend the parade, but have never managed to do so. I enjoy parades, but finding a place to park is always a challenge, and then driving out of the downtown area afterwards is also problematic. So I haven't even tried. Maybe next year I will go for it!

All photos taken on my Android phone.

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