Traveling Is Not Just A Joy But A Process Of Knowing Something New!

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Today's post is about boat trips!

We know traveling is a joy. Not just pleasure travel is a process of learning something new. Travel is known about the wonderful things around. Every person on earth loves travel. There is no human in the world who does not like travelling. No matter what the journey, it's always enjoyable. However, sailing the boat means extra joy. You can freshen up your mind by boat travel. I like to travel a lot. We usually understand three types of travels. Skyways, rivers, landmarks. Traveling on the river between these is very pleasant.

Bangladesh is a riverine country. Numerous rivers have flowed into the soil of this country. In the previous days people traveled more on the river. But with the change of time, people's minds and travel have changed a lot. Now, People do not travel on the water and on the way to get modern things. However, the village still travels to rivers. Because traveling by boat is always fun. People in the village always know best. And there is no cost to the ferry. Travel can be ended at a low cost. Like the people of the village, I have had the opportunity to travel. Today I am very happy because I went on a boat trip.

Travel planing with friends has been going on for a long time. I couldn't decide where to go on the trip. But all of a sudden we decided to go on a boat trip. However, after making a decision, I am thinking again where to go. Suddenly a friend of mine called, To go this river, which is next to the house. So a specific time is set. And this time of the day was today. We were all very curious. We all waited for this day. The final day came. This morning we got together with all the friends. At eight in the morning we started our journey. We had a lot of food with us. We all rented a boat. And everybody got there. We were all in awe. The boat began to move slowly. The boat began to dance with the waves of the sea. And we were all scared. But the boatman encouraged us. He said there was no problem, Don't be afraid. While we were scared, boatman caught the song. Hearing his music, our fears were completely gone.

Not only were we many more people in this river. They all has come to travel. Our boat is very nice among them. Everyone looked at us. Everyone looked up and saw our boat. So we were very happy for that.

Our boat started moving fast. On the way to the boat we could see many beautiful scenery. These scenes are forever etched into my memory. As we walked along the middle of the river. Then I discovered how small we are. I look at the two sides of the river. The scenery was amazing. I could see the little kids playing on the river and jumping from the trees. The boat is constantly moving. Green concert on two sides of the river. What made this green ceremony even more beautiful were some beautiful white birds. Many boys are playing along the river. And a lot of boys are fishing. Village girls are coming to the river to get water. Seeing these scenes really fills my mind. I wish I could have been younger, I used to swim in river water all day, tried fishing, and jump in the river. No one knows when it is noon to rejoice. So we closed the boat and finished the lunch. After eating, we started traveling again. This is how our travel continues.

Time is running short, none of us know. Slowly the evening began to come down. As evening approached, the number of boats in the river began to decrease. The birds began to move towards their homes. The river slowly came to a halt. The sun began to move slowly in the west. We all enjoyed the beautiful view of the boat. Really, This scene is never forgotten. I will never forget this scene and it will forever remain in my memory. When the tide came around, we decided that it was time to go home. Then we all headed back home. I had a lot of fun today. Today will be a day to remember my memory.

Traveling brings joy to everyone so everyone should be go traveling. If I've ever been upset, go on a trip and you will feel better.

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