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Today's post is about train travel!

Travelling is seen as something unseen, known to something unknown. Traveling lets you know new things. Travel teaches a lot. Travel is the true happiness. The person who loves traveling is not a happy man. People can achieve true happiness through travel. I am a traveling and nature loving person. I love to travel all the time. So, I go to trip when I get the chance. And I love to share those travel stories with you. So that I can share the head of travel. I think you are excited about traveling too. My travels today are a little different from any other day. Today I have chosen the train for travelling. This is a train travel story. Hope you like it.

In our village the train travels three times. At 6 Am in the morning, at 12 Pm in noon, and at 8 pm in night the train comes and go. So I and my friends arrived at the train station at six in the morning. Although it was not easy, I had to wake up with help by mobile phone reminder. We all arrived at the train station at six Am. And we collected the train tickets. And waited for the train. There was darkness all around, There was a little wind. We were all excited when it got cold because of the wind. When the train arrives, Someone gave anounce that train is coming. Train lights are visible from far away. Shocking noise is slowly coming towards the station. And approached the station and sounded a great horn. All the people waiting were up for the train. The train stopped and we all got on the train.

When everyone got up to the train, it become a big horns and started moving again. We were all delighted. I took the seat next to the window. In order to enjoy the natural beauty.

The train slowly increased its speed. I looked out the window and saw the outside. This is the nature of us to really catch the eye. I feel blessed to see such a nature. When the train is crossing our village and entering another village, Its appearance has begun to change. Train road through the middle of the bill. Which is nice to see. Looks like there's one in the green earth. This is really unimaginable. Farmers are farming in the fields. The boys are playing on the field. The fishermen are fishing in the river. As far as the eyes go, only the green ceremony is showing. Which looks like I'm in heaven.

We don't know when it's noon. When the train stopped at the station, we had lunch. And I pulled up there and the train started moving. We got to see the new beautiful scene again. We were on the train all day. And enjoying the beauty of nature. We were back on the train at 8pm. Ane at 1.32 Am we reached home. It was a really fun day. All day long we are very happy. Today we are all having fun all day long. I want to have such a happy day in your life. I wish you such a happy day in your life.

We all had a lot of fun together. Enjoyed the natural beauty. Which will remain in my heart forever. We all have so much fun for that we forgetting to take pictures. Take these pictures when we are coming back home.

Although I can't explain the joy of travel. Still in the post I am sharing with you. Traveling fun is different. Travel helps to keep people's minds good. Whenever you are upset you go to travel and see that your mind has become good.

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I an not a writer, but I an always trying to writer something new. I think you like them. If you like my Photography, please look at the kindness. And forgive me if I'm wrong.

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