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Today's post is about Road next to the house.

This is one of my favorite roads you can see. I always walk along this road. I love traveling along this road. This place is actually pretty much from those Pictures. There are many tall trees on both sides of the road. Which shadows him on the road. The traveling king can escape the heat of the sun because of it. There are many bird nests in the trees. Travelers always hear the call of these birds. The sound of a bird is bound to bring joy to your mind. When I walk down the road, I feel like I've been to a bird kingdom. It is nice to hear the birds chirping. Every day I get used to hearing the call of these birds. For that, I love this road very much.

This road is always shaded for trees on two sides. The sunlight for these plants cannot hurt the human body. There is no problem for those who walk. Because they do not get direct sunlight. Both side of trees reduce sunlight greatly. It takes a lot of comfort to walk through this road.

I still remember, Many years ago this road was not like that. The road was made of soil. There was no car then. People used to travel by cowcarriage. But such cars are rarely seen. Those who were very wealthy used this cars. Most of the time, people used to walk along that road. But now there is very little use for this road walk. Over time, people's needs have changed. Now people use cars more than walking. Due to which they are deprived of many things. They miss a lot on this road. They miss the sound of birds. That word becomes refreshed in the minds of beautiful people.

Many years ago this road was completely empty. And there are no trees on the side of the road. Due to which the heat of the sun comes directly to the human body. Which is a feeling of discomfort for every human being. But now a lot of trees has been put on the roadside. The ones that give people flowers, fruits and Shadows. Which makes your mind a lot happier.

A few years ago, this road had no such use. People rarely used that road. Because it was a muddy road. This road was not well suited for movement. That time the road would be full of mud when it rained. During the summer the dust would fill up all around. But it doesn't happen anymore. Now the side of the road has been built drain. The rainwater goes drain. So there is no mud on the street. The barn is nice to be on the road now during the rainy season.

Now the road is very busy. The common people are in the flame of this is the road. Thousands of people by traveling this road. The name of the road is Arkan Road. As the road is north-south, the humidity of the air is slightly higher. The shade and the breeze of the trees help you cross the streets in a very cold way. When I get home by the road near me, it is a joy. I love the call of the birds as I pass by. Which makes the mind cool.

By this road you can visit the popular tourist center of Bangladesh. This road can be passed through Cox's Bazar and Bandarban. These places are wonderful and thousands of people travel by road to see them. As you pass through this road, you will see very beautiful plants. The trees that people planted very carefully. And salute them for this noble task. We can stay under the shadow for their magnificent work. Without these trees, it would be very difficult for ordinary people to travel.

You can see many plants in most places when passing by road. And in some places you can see the store. All the products that people need are available in these stores. These shops are very important for those who are traveling far away. Because they do not have to go to the market any more, all kinds of things are available from these shops.

This road is beautiful to look at. And this road is very beneficial for us. That's our only way to get from one place to another. So we always try to keep it clean. And always try to make sure there are no problems on this road.

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