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Upon the Sigh of Her Breath

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low pressure
escapes the heel
defies achilles
rises up as nature

that is a law

collides with the high
on the way down

you were warned

it's what comes
from defying

disregarding gravity
hoarding in the heights


she seemed so nice
before we stole her religion
her tranquility and faith

insisted she be contained
defeated and quantified
in code and nano-bubbles

put under a Baconian thumb

tied to string and vein
harnessed by wizards
oppressing OZ

the reluctant queen
of every thing
is NOT impressed


here she comes
with her vanguard
of giant nimbus

clouds burst
it's a bombastic

to make room
for the coming

emblems fade
fray to shreds

it is just a bit of water
in a minuscule teardrop
in a forgotten fractal

you're not sugar
you won't melt
you will drown

when her smile returns
desiccate and fossilize
crumble and dissolve

be blown away
upon the sigh
of her breath


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At Your Service

would you have angels kneel
their feathers touch the ground
pinions form ramps so minuscule beings
might transcend glass metropolises
urban hovels and over-flowing gutters

to tromp about the heavens
like Icarus, but wingless
soon scorched just the same

how did the angel get his wings
did he demand his plumes
did he roll around in the muck
so sticks and dead leaves would mimic plumage
from afar it’s hard to tell the difference
the faux, the knock-offs, from the genuine

but good luck flying that way
the only thing taking to air
will be the stench of decaying detritus


would you have angel’s kneel
their feathers touch the ground
because for you, they might

soon there will be no more angels aloft
only minuscule beings like you
treading upon their bended spines

how did the angel get his wings ...

by never asking anyone to kneel
so he could gain a better a view

the angel got his wings
with faith he could fly

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Words and Images are my own.

Upon the Sigh of Her Breath was first published today

At Your Service is published in Monsters, Avatars, and Angels and is available in paperback or digital through amazon and your local libraries and bookstores.

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