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Karma and Escaping the Matrix

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Today we will look at how one can escape from the Matrix.

Spoiler alert: you can't.


You will like ALL 3 movies ... especially the 3rd one. LOL

The metaphor that made the most sense to me is the way the internet through the institution of algorithms has co-opted our psyche and the way we see reality. Most people are given their opinions based on the public figures they identify with.

Our algorithms are set for our personal preference and believe me they are eager to please. Well, eager to keep your attention anyways, keep you plugged into the Matrix. A fair amount of suffering and discontent is factored into the equation.

We have those memes floating about that quickly become talking points and virtual armaments against the 'other' side. The search for knowledge and understanding is replaced with a search for defences to shore up our boxes.

For many of us, like in the Matrix, coming to understand this reality is taking the red pill. If you haven't seen Social Dilemma ... you gotta.


Movie one: Neo is a sleeping part of the whole ... both inside and outside of the Matrix, with his little cubicle at work and a pod in the material world. He doesn't really wake up but wakes up to a nightmare. He is still trapped, but now aware of himself as an individual with certain abilities that have been muted by being kept in that box.

The question whether or not Schrödinger's cat is alive or dead is also explored in this movie but from the result side of the equation, by questioning what exactly is life.


Movie two, Neo is supposedly woken up but now literally living underground and in a constant fight for his life and against assimilating forces. He has moved from compliance to resistance. The continued existence of Zion requires deeper and deeper digging. His survival requires deeper and deeper digging.

(You are here ... lol ... or at least I am.)


Movie three, Neo discovers that he can both control the Matrix and the supposed physical world. He sacrifices physical form and his psyche dissolves into a new reiteration of creation. No one is set free but everyone is delivered for a time being from their suffering.

Right now you should be humming Culture Club.


Open Up and Say Ahhh

analogs disengage, evacuate
flutter away to the unseen

glitchy, imagined code joints
within the web of existence

okay, I will say it
although it has been
said enough

they fly away
come to nest
within the matrix

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spiders don’t fly
they don’t need to

that cocoon
another has spun
it’s your final dissolution

no papillon metamorphosis
planned-out and neatly-packaged

she was dressed in silk
when they laid her to rest
how nice, how elegant
rich and utterly delicious


spiritual egotism
or rampant materialism
venom or decay
hemlock or scurvy
nightshade or rickets

keep your red pills
and blue ones too
I’m on a no placebo diet

they give me nightmares
and day terrors, flatulence
itches and chills

things gotten a little dark ...
then I will end on a positive note
open up and say ahhh



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The Tao spins a web
Both expanding and infinitely finer in detail

Fractals among growing scaffold

No spider with the grandest of schemes
Could ever match the workmanship
Could ever match the artistry
Could ever match the foresight

In trying one becomes tangled
In her own hubris
In her own machinations

Just as one becomes tangled
In the spider’s web
The more she struggles
The more she is stuck

Do not struggle against the Tao
There is no escaping her web

From each spinning
From each cocoon
You will not be consumed
But like the butterfly, lifted

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Words and Images are my own.

Open UP and Say Ahhh is published in Monsters, Avatars, and Angels.

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