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Fray the Edges

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the curtain
has descended

inner workings

with shadows
duo-chromatic stain

silk tie ropes
polyester folds

splintered shutterings


the wizards startle
shake foundational boards
you forget the fourth wall

they coax and cajole
its for your own safety

to keep out the wildlings
who would infect your veins
with the savage and frigid

destroy mis en scene
fray the edges


time is on her side

not the spin-doctors
not the sword-bearing

there is no stopping
her cold winds from blowing
disrupting all illusion
in burgeoning waves

she reveals truth
with glimpses and burlesque
in the first movement

but if it takes a tsunami ...
she'll crack open the earth

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the light is ceaseless
even if you choose to shut your eyes
it renders all synthetic rags
faded and threadbare

until the striptease is complete
lies and delusions cast-off
or dissolved

you will see


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Direct democracy with elected bureaucrats and high level officials. Frequent, frequent elections. Anyone given they've gathered enough signatures can bring forward a bill. No one person or partisan party gets to decide much. BTW populace does NOT mean right wing. It is movement about placing power back into the hands of the populace . It can be of a social democratic nature, and then the media will label it communist, or it can be right wing and more traditional capitalist or libertarian in nature, and then the media will label it fascist and racist. Anything to tar it enough so that they can maintain the current facade and preserve current power structures.

If you truly care about the well-being of the world's people, you belong in a populace movement. You would probably find more in common as a leftie in a right-leaning populace movement and vice versa than you will ever find synchronicity and authenticity in the established parties and power structure. This whole war on people is revealing the insightful, truthful ,and brave among us. Where DT is concerned 2 out of 3 ain't bad, I guess. But certainly we can do better.

Yay, you and Jon Steward and everyone else willing to stand up for humanity.

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If you seek to control the Tao
Dam her flow and pool her resources
Deny her gifts to others
Eventually the dam will burst
Its ruin will drown you

A river cannot be improved
But it can be used for destruction

Be the course through which
The Tao flows freely
Sedately or rushing
Allow her riches to pass through you

Stay in her center
Know no end to her wealth

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Words and Images are my own.

Fray the Edges was first published today.

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