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Control and Black Holes

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In our little slice of functional decentralization, we understand the benefit and sanity of putting decision making and power into as many hands as possible.

We gain both diversity and defence. When there are too many to control, than power-mongers struggle to gain significant targets for intimidation and bribery. Word of their machinations gets out before they can corrupt the system.

HIVE and more online places like HIVE are the answer to widespread corporate and authoritarian government censorshipt and control. We know this.

The trick is convincing others to give up the false security they believed obtain by trusting in authority and strong-men types.



Traditional capitalism is decentralized; it was about putting power in the hands of more people. Corporatism does not do this. Personally I am fan of a mixed economy with a healthy social safety net and businesses owned and operated by its workforce. I am not an enemy of capitalism; if small-scale capitalism aided a world with more affluence and less suffering, then sign me up. If centralization did this ... then sign me up.

Centralization does not do this; it crushes, perverts and destroys.

There is safety and abundance in numbers but not if the power and abundance in the hands of but a few.

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To begin with capitalism weakened the power of the state. Bartering and trading with your neighbors, having the freedom to do so, is a feature of capitalism. Shopkeepers who have autonomy over their small business is capitalism. The problem is when a particular individual or group gets too good at 'corning the market' becomes compassionless; there is no balancing regulations; and so power and wealth concentrates; turns in on itself, and begins to drag everything with it down the 'drain of despotism'.

Without balance every system eventually becomes an oppressive black hole.

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A wise and compassionate planner knows this and does what she can to empower as many people as possible; promotes balance and consensus; health and opportunity; an adherence to consensus and the needed compassion it takes to reach it ... it takes faith in humanity. Any system we adhere to without faith( of some kind; I am not talking religion or ideology) will inevitably decay and disintegrate in the tight grip of control.

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Simply virtue signalling is not going to cut it; simply see-sawing between dualistic sink holes of control is not going to cut it.

Ultimately we must become comfortable without control ... of others. That is a human psychological problem, and I you and both know it can only be achieved through the mind and not from grasping at the material.




The root of violence
Is an insistence
That what is
Should be as
The internal foe
Would have it

The internal foe is also named ego

Insatiably famished
Those ego-enslaved
Will grasp land, power, and riches

Wrapping the fallen
In brightly-colored flags
Offering no warmth
So the remaining
Will not notice the blood

One who rules by the Tao
Does not rule at all

He sees that blood
Is wrapped in flesh
That flags become blankets
Not death-shrouds

The master understands
Nation exists for the people
Not the people for the nation

Domination and control
Are but delusions of time
There is no ruling the Tao

Do what you can
Because you can
Not for greatness

Your flag, your flesh, your soul
Is the Tao

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