Wait, it's autumn!

There's wind, there's rain, there's red, yellow and brown leaves. Autumn is here and I nearly missed it!

Not in the way that I didn't see it outside. Oh no, we have so many trees here, all I have to do is look out of a random window to get a front row seat view of autumn. More in the way that I nearly forgot to take this opportunity to share this autumn picture with you!

Now I haven't been outside to shoot new ones this year, I'll admit to that. I do, however, have a favorite autumn picture I want to share with you anyway. Taken back when I still lived a little further up north.

autumn picture playfulfoodie

Back then, I lived in the city, but right near the edge of it. I was able to head out and be right in the middle of nature within a matter of minutes. It wasn't so bad living in the city like that. I would have stayed there longer than a year, were it not for my noisy downstairs neighbour who kept me up night after night after night. Either with friends or with his girlfriend who was very noisy in the sack (bah!). Earplugs helped, but hurt my ears a lot, so I had to leave to keep my sanity.

Aside from that moron, I did like my home there. I was sad to leave it, but what can you do.

This is actually one of the few autumn pictures I have. I guess I didn't go out enough during these times to take more acceptable pictures. Silly, right? Autumn is perfect for pictures.

Anyway, hope you like this one as much as I do!

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