Random views from the Dames Point Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida

There is a bridge in Jacksonville, Florida that is often called the Dames Point Bridge, but officially the real name of it is the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Bridge.  It is a cable-stayed bridge that runs over the St. John's River and it is one of the most massive bridges of it's kind in the United States with over 21 miles of cabling.  

I often travel over the bridge and sometimes around sunset it offers some spectacular views of downtown Jacksonville and the forever expanding port they have been building around it.  

I decided to pick a couple of pictures I have taken while crossing over the bridge at sunset to share the view I get to see.  

The first picture here has always reminded me of mechanical dinosaurs.  The vast cranes they use to lift cargo containers off of ships that come in from the ocean has a dinosaur look to me due to the arm they use to raise cargo with.  

The second picture here is my absolute favourite and I believe it's because of the combinations of the blue sky, clouds and positioning of the cranes combined with making the picture square.  

I happened to take the picture on the spur of the moment and it went left unchecked in my iPhone for a while before noticing how stunning it turned out to be.  I was amazed at the little gem I had waiting for me one day when I was bored going through my phone.  

I will have to say going over the bridge during the early part of the day seems very different versus the lighting of a sunset.  It transforms the entire area into a dreamy, beautiful picturesque landscape @ The Jacksonville Port Authority

Depending on the day the sunsets are amazing and offer one of a kind views.  

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