Getting creative with my Instagram photos with collage art

Not only do I love taking pictures with my DSLR Canon camera I also love taking pictures with my iPhone. I am a fan of square photographs ranging from 4x4 to 8x8 sizes. When Walgreens started offering the option to have square pictures printed up usually with pretty decent discounts I started having all the images I liked printed up every chance I got. Having pretty much every image I took printed I started having more printed photos than I knew what to do with and I started coming up with ideas for projects.

Here is one of the first projects I decided to work on which just so happens to be a collage of my favourite Instagram pictures.

I decided to go with a black poster board and used modge podge for the glue and the final finishing sealant for the project.

I picked 35 of my favourite pictures at the time for the collage.

I spent awhile arranging the order I wanted the pictures to go in and probably changed the layout at least five different times before deciding on the final design and picture order.

The poster board was a bit too big for the outcome, but I easily took care of that and trimmed the excess poster board down to the right size.

Last but not least here is the outcome of the project. I was delighted and thrilled with my outcome.

I would like to know what your thoughts are on the project and if you would ever consider doing something like this? I have seen some people take this same idea and cover an entire wall using the pictures as if they were some wallpaper. I love stuff like this and want to do more with it.

I look forward to your thoughts and criticism.

Thanks for your support! Please feel free to comment, vote, resteem and or create your very own post on the subject matter or whatever you wish. If you create a post, feel free to link it when you leave a comment. I value every vote, comment and resteems that I get. 💜

Hopefully you will find my posts inspirational and continue to check back for future ones! Many thanks for your support!

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