My Big Fat Greek Vacation, part 1


Earlier this year I went to Greece for a two-weeks long vacation.

I first flew in to Athens to meet-up with my dear old friends, with whom I went to college in Sweden a decade and half ago.

A happy reunion

They showed me around the beautiful historic city centre of Athens, we had dinner together, and I spent a night in their cozy city apartment, before we continued our journey to the Evia countryside, a few hours drive north of Athens.

Source: Google Maps


For the next couple of days we were just resting, enjoying fresh air and the beautiful nature of Evia, eating delicious locally-grown food and great Greek coffee, as well as visiting a small village fest in the area.

…and hitting forests, beaches, and hiking trails, of course! 🥾

A short video from our hiking trip to Drymonas Waterfalls

A breathtaking panorama view from a restaurant “the Aegean Balcony”


The days flew by very quickly quickly and soon it was time for me to get back to Athens to take a ferry boat to Crete from there, for the next chapter of my Big Fat Greek Vacation. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this travel story on my blog!

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