Novi Sad street photography - October 2021

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would share some photos of Novi Sad I took this month (so far) mostly on nice and sunny days. Now that I actually live in the city, I try to walk everywhere even when the weather is not the best but it's way easier to take photos when it's not raining and you're not fighting with the wind that wants to take away your umbrella. :D

Museum of Accession 1918.

Around the museum area, I wanted to take a photo of a tank and this cute dog just walked in, minding his/her own business :)

Now a building that is used for the purpose of army, from 1900. until 1925 there was a Hotel Fabri at this place that became famous as Novi Sad was developing.

A pretty tree at the University campus

This is actually inside the H&M store in the city center! It was one of the older buildings turned into a modern store - something that happens a lot but this work of art is really unique for H&M I suppose :)

I'm not really sure if this is a residential building or something else but I liked the color of it with all the wines

It was hard to take a good photo of this mural from the sidewalk as it's really big but I still thought I would share it

Novi Sad Synagogue

An old man selling books with his dogs - there's usually another small dog with him but this time I only saw the one on the photo

Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj monument - he was a Serbian poet, best known for his children's poetry. In the back you can see Bishop's residence (of Orthodox church).

And this is the Orthodox church that is next to the Bishop's residence

That's all for this post, I hope you liked these photos of my city and I'll try to take more of them to share in future posts.


Photos are mine taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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