Ghost Stories


A chair is the main character of this story. It's the Louie Ghost by Kartell, and it has been on my Pinterest home-wishlist for years, paired with an antique writing desk. After I got my dream desk in the spring, I knew I'd one day want the Ghost chair to accompany it.

The Ghost chair appeared to me last week as a total surprise, after my man had first told me that that is one expensive ass plastic garden chair. MEN! Am I right? I still got the chair though so I guess he approves of my interior design decisions.

Like with everything, be it clothing or homewear, it needs to please the eyes and thus, work for my photography needs too, and this chair sure delivers! I was immediately inspired by how the chair can be both transparent, and make a statement, so I knew I'd be shooting with it on a white background while wearing white clothing. If I wasn't tanned right now, this photo story would have basically been see-through. Maybe I'll revisit it in the dead of winter.






Self portraits shot with the Nikon D750 and Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8. Lighting is a mixture of natural light and a Godox AD300pro with a big octabox.

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