Vintage Photos - eBay Set #2b (98-100)

I made some impulse buys after getting a new scanner and picked up a bunch of slides from places like eBay a while back. These pictures span from as early as the late 1940s to as late as the early 1990s. There are many thousands of these slides. I will be scanning some from time to time and posting them here for posterity.

This set continues a batch of slides that I bought on eBay a while back. I don't have as much to go on as to the ultimate origin of these compared to the previous batch I was working on. They came to me from eBay and most likely were picked up at an estate sale by the seller. Most of them seem to be taken in the 1960s and same individuals are included in many of the photos. It looks like there are some that were taken in Miami and some that were taken in New Jersey and perhaps elsewhere. I get the impression that Miami was a vacation spot for this family. Despite the weird numbering change, this is part of the same batch of slides I have been scanning...not sure what I was trying to do with the numbering...

There are only three photos in this set instead of the usual four because these are the last three photos of the entire set. But these are not the last slides overall. I'm pretty sure I have enough to last my lifetime. However, starting with the next post on this topic I'll be starting a different batch of slides from a different source.

The first photo is undated but continues immediately from the previous set where I guessed this was a visit to friends or family somewhere. You can see the license plate clearly on the Cadillac in the foreground and it is a Virginia plate so that would be my guess as to where this is.

The second photo was processed in May 1965 if the date stamped on the slide is to be believed but this photo is clearly a New Year's party. I would guess New Year's 1965 and this photo was just developed a little late.

The last and final photo of the entire batch was processed in August 1965. It looks like they were getting ready to set out on a fishing trip. Based on previous photos, I would guess that this is somewhere near Miami, Florida.

processed May 1965

processed August 1965

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The entire collection that has been scanned and uploaded so far can also be found here. This also includes higher resolution versions and versions with post processing.

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