Iconic Father’s Day Shoot

These are some of our favourite photos from a shoot that we did for The Iconic (an online apparel store) featuring musician Steve Spacek and his beautiful tribe 😍 ⁠

It's always a fun challenge to keep shoots enjoyable and engaging, especially when working with younger children. We've learnt a few tips and tricks along the way to help.

1. Get them actively involved
Include children in the whole process rather than just being the 'subject' of the photo. Show them the shots, get their feedback and suggestions and most of all, let their spirit and personality shine through the lens. Ask them to frame the shot and even take some photos themselves. This way they learn whilst also getting to be part of the creative process.

2. Keep it short & sweet
Let's face it, no matter how fun we can try to make photoshoots, there's only so much attention span you're gifted when working with younger kids. So plan your shots beforehand and have any outfits props and equipment you need good to go.

3. Keep the vibes high
Healthy snacks, good music and being really engaged as a photographer all helps with keeping the vibes high and your models feelings comfortable. We find that how people are feeling really translates through the lens so let those good vibes shine through.

At Cosmic Creative Studio, we use open-source design software included in the Ubuntu Studio operating system by Linux.

These images were shot in natural light using the following 📸 Gear:⁠

  • Sony Alpha A7RIII⁠ mirrorless DSLR camera
  • Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN | A⁠ lens

Edited using Darktable on Ubuntu Studio by Linux 🤗







⁠We currently have openings for shoots in Far North Queensland Australia. Send us a DM or email us at info@cosmiccreativestudio for more info & to book.⁠ You can check out more examples of our work on our website at https://cosmiccreativestudio.com 💗

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