Free original abstract macro photos... Feel free to use it


Today i decided to bring a series of abstract macro photography that can serve as a background for various digital projects, as a basis for any other ideas that arise in your creative mind.
I could give you some ideas, but I leave it to the discretion of those who can find some use in these photos.
Starting by making the type of content you can find inside the article very explicit in the title, and in this case as the title indicates, Free + Macro + Abstract.

Here we go:

Original Size: 5184 X 3456 PNG






A cool idea would be to be able to receive some comments requesting some type of specific content.
Imagine that you are looking for original photos for some kind of project, and do not want to use any of those better known sites that provide images free of copyright, especially because the most likely is that those photos are already being used in a massive way all over the internet, so, share in the comments the type of image you are looking for and maybe I can help you in some way;)

These are original photos and free to use as "No copyrights", by other authors to use, create/write articles/contents here or in other platforms online/offline.

Hope you like it ;)

Have a nice day

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