Learn some new Photoshop tricks in this lockdown.

Hello friends,

I am part-time photography.I like to edit pictures.In this lockdown we all are get board.some people's start learning new skills.some people's start learning cooking and so on.

I thought instead of learning any new skill why not I polish my existing skill.
I used YouTube Instagram like social media to learn this skill.

I'm also created some photoshop related videos which I like to upload on @3speak but since I have some issues of software which I used to edit videos when this problem is solved I make my first ever post on @3speak and hope their is also some community's which helps photographers.

So learning some new trick of photoshop I edited some my and my friends photo. Which I would like to share with all of you.
I can't share my friends photo because I don't have rights to post their photos 😅.
But I share my one the best edited picture till date. (it is my thought I don't know you think same or not😅)


I hope you guys like my work and support me.

Thank you friends.

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