The Color Purple- Past

One of the things I really like is making compilations of pictures. Here are links to the ones I did for the colors Blue and Yellow.

This week the theme for Deranged photography contest is PURPLE.

Here are my plant and sky pictures that are all different shades and varieties of PURPLE.

Split, Croatia

San Fransisco, CA Hoogle Zoo, Salt Lake, UT Crater Lake, Oregon

Sunrise at Notch Peak, Utah

Outside the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Does anyone know what either of these are called?

United States Botanic Garden, DC

First time taking a lighting shot, Utah

Purple layers, Notch Peak, Utah

Rose at Butchart Garden, Victoria Canada
I took my mom to Butchart to see the Roses!

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ

United States Botanic Garden, DC

Lighting with @jarvie up American Fork Canyon, Utah

The world is such a beautiful and interesting place. It is fun to see all my purple pictures in one place!

Color Series
Show off Saturday--Yellow

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