Share My World- Super exciting news

I did it! I bought a new camera and lens.

With my Nikon D750 and Sigma 20-70 lens.

This took a lot of courage for me to switch to Nikon. I have been shooting Canon for over 20 years and love it.

I made the switch for several reasons:

#1 My brother @jarvie shoots Nikon
#2 I can share lens and equipment with my him
#3 @jarvie is a full time photographer and can give me good recommendations and help me with the transition to Nikon

The last time I bought a new camera was about 10 years ago. We all know how much things change with technology and it was definitely time for a new camera.

I got the body and some filters sent to my house. I am really excited about the polarizing filter!

Scott, ordered the Sigma lens and so I got it from him when I went to Utah this past weekend.
Here he is showing off my awesome new Sigma 20-70 lens.

My beautiful new set up!

The first shot with my Nikon D750. Scotty said I need take a picture of something good. He is such a great brother and friend. We are in his truck on the way to American Fork Canyon. More pictures of our off roading adventure and my nephew's wedding coming soon.

I am grateful for Steem and the photo community that has really inspired me to get back into photography and express my creativity through my photos and posts on the blog.

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