Share my world- Avenue of the Giant Bolders

Close to Crater Lake (21 miles) in Oregon is a special place called Avenue of the Giant Boulders.

After our amazing morning at Crater Lake see post my sister and I spent the afternoon walking through the forest, seeing waterfalls and playing on this geological jungle gym.

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Avenue of the Giant Boulders is in Prospect State Scenic Viewpoint, a State Park on the Rogue River.
It was formerly known as Mill Creek Falls and it still has this map in the parking lot.

Being from Arizona walking through the forest was a beautiful green DELIGHT. I commented to my sister that I couldn't be discreet with my shutter going off every few seconds.

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There are two waterfalls in the park, Mill Creek Falls and Barr Creek Falls.

Mill Creek Falls is the closer and louder of the two waterfalls. It is 173 feet high.

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Barr Creek Falls is a three drop waterfall. It is 240 feet with the tallest and last drop being 150 feet. My sister likes this one better, as it is more delicate.

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Avenue of the Giant Boulders

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The boulders in the river were more climbed on and smooth.
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We met some other hikers and they took our picture on the boulders, then we took theirs.

The boulders and trees in the forest had lots of moss on them.

A view looking back at the Rogue River toward the waterfalls
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The wonderful treat for climbing all the way to the end of the boulders.

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