Travel Norway: Geiranger Fiord

Hi Folks!

Geiranger area was one of my destinations during my this year's summer trip.

I was there for the second time, but this time I came there by the mountain road from Stryn area - which was really nice experience, despite the fact of really big traffic on the roads.


On the first pictures below - view on the Geiranger village and fjord from the road. I was stopping by the road several times to enjoy the view - but as You can see, conditions for the photo-shooting were really poor.

Overcast sky and flat light, all the colors and shadows were washed out...
But I made few shots to memorize the views...



I passed the village without stopping - there was so many people and cars I really didn't have any desires to explore the village - it is really small - just the harbor, main street with restaurants and shops, few big hotels and living houses area.
Second reason was more practical - I think it would be extremely hard to find any parking place there...

So I drove forward, up the mountains to the next famous view point...

Here is the view we can see there:


Geirangerfjord is one of the most famous places in Norway.
It is really impressive - very narrow, with huge waterfalls coming down the hills straight to the sea waters.

It is very popular to take a ferry and swim across, up and down the fiord - it must be beautiful, seeing all of these from the water level, swimming by the waterfalls below the big mountains around.
But I never tried it ;)...

At the end - big panoramic shot of the whole view - it could be really nice if the conditions were different. This time of the day I had to shoot against the sun light, which make the scene really flat - but I tried my skills to take the shot in the best possible way.


Hope You guys enjoyed reading and watching the photos.

I can truly recommend the place if You will visit Norway one day and will have opportunity to go there. Road from Geiranger to another famous place - Trollstigen - is also very beautiful trail.

Take care, Thanks for the support and Have a great day!

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