PV's Log #129 - My weekend...

Hi There!

Past weekend I spent with my family on a cabin trip, probably the last such trip before our moving out of Norway.
I will post separate gallery of shots from this trip - because it was quite special ;).

I found a nice looking wooden cabin in forest area high in the hills above Soknedal small town.
It was almost the end of the road - complete silence, no traffic, no people, no lights in night time - very relaxing conditions.

What I didn't expect there was the weather - we experienced really nice winter conditions, with a lot of snow falls, a lot of fresh snow in the forest - really great conditions for walking trips and shooting.

The bad thing was that I have still my summer tires on and I was a bit stressed about the amount of snow on the roads. Luckily there was not a big frost so the snow was wet and melting fast on the open roads.

Anyway - More about that soon - today, three first shots I took from the window of the cabin :).




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