PV's Daily Log - My 2022 Calendars Ready to Order :D

Hi Friends!

I finally finish my Calendars 2022 offer.

All the technical details, full gallery and order options on my web available from today!


English version is available in a form of "portfolio" Calendar with a large panoramic images and more minimalistic form of calendar - but still useful and clear to read.

The selection there covers some of my favorite images taken in Norway and Iceland during last years.

Wasn't easy to pick the final set but I am happy with diversity and number of subjects it covers.

I hope You guys will like the design and photos - and I hope some of You maybe would like to have it on Your own wall!

Thanks a lot for any support - sharing or ordering - it means a lot for me, my work and my plans for future. Of course all the income will go towards my trips and photographic journeys! :)

Take a moment, have a look and let me know if there are any mistakes in working of the site or ordering process.


cover project.jpg

01 January.jpg

02 February.jpg

03 March.jpg

04 April.jpg

05 May.jpg

06 June.jpg

07 July.jpg

08 August.jpg

09 September.jpg

10 October.jpg

11 November.jpg

12 December.jpg

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