Norwegian Landscapes - When Thor's Hammer strikes...

Hi All!

In this small gallery few more shots I didn't post before - shots I took during my summer trip to Lovatnet lake and Stryn area...

I am preparing the video right now so I found few more lightning captures which I want to share and show.

They are not the best, not the most spectacular - but really - lightning storms in Norway didn't happen very often - during my almost 9 years of living here - I saw maybe 10-12 lightning storms, but none of them were so rich in lightnings as this one.

I totally didn't expect to see the storm that day, just packed my kayak and hit the road...but on the way and first stop I heard some strange loud sounds which appeared to be the thunder.

Fantastic surprise, great I found the spot by the road to park my car and try to catch something with my camera - as You can see - it was quite succesfull.

Hope You will feel the mood of stormy sky above mountains of Norway :D...

Loen, Norway, July 2021.






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