Norwegian landscapes - Very Foggy Morning

Hi Friends!

It was the morning of day number 4 of my trip.

After amazing night with dancing Aurora on the sky I woke up a bit later - something around 10 AM, when I looked outside the windows of my car I wasn't sure what I see - or maybe why I can't see anything.

The fog was still very dense, but I knew it will start to disappear when first sun light come up behind the mountains ridge.

I took the camera and took this shot - small island in the middle of the lake - almost invisible but very moody...


After a short moment, fogs begun to spread showing more and more landscape details.

I tried to find a good compositions but finally stick to the one with spider web and dew.


After an hour all the fog was almost completely gone - first warm light and the calm weather made this morning very beautiful. I took the last shots and went back to the car to boil the water, make fresh Yerba Mate and eat something...

Love such mornings in the outdoor.


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