Norwegian Landscapes - The Beauty of autumnal morning


Today on the wall - freshly prepared panoramic shot over fantastic conditions in Stugudalen mountain plateau in Sylan mountains, Norway.

Very dramatic weather created by strong wind and morning, low sun light. Conditions were changing fast and I had very little time to find something interesting to shoot - I went to shot panoramic view over whole scene to show the beauty of the sky and dynamic light in the valley.

Power of panoramic images is huge - no other option to show the whole landscape without big distortions made from really wide lenses.
This shot was made from 6 frames, original was big wider, but such a wide shots don't look the best in web browser, so I decided to post just a cropped image.

Still hope You will like the shot and enjoy the mood of that day - I think it was my best autumnal photographic trip so far this year.

I am sure the autumn is finished already in higher parts of the land, I have to search for more colors more to southern and lover locations.

Have a good day folks!


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