My Last Visit to Sylan #7 - Meet the Reins


In the morning of day 2, just after the best sunset colors I got that morning, I went for a little hike on the big plains covered with wetlands, rocks and miniature trees.

This is the land of Reindeers - and I was sure I will meet them sooner or later.





This time I saw a big herd in a far distance but decided not to interrupt their feeding time. I was going forward, doing my own stuff but I spotted a smaller group which was walking straight towards my location.

I stopped, started to film them and photograph...



When they spotted me, in first reaction started to run away, but came back after 2 minutes, watching me carefully, they were very curious about my person.

I didn't do any fast movement, just standing in one position with my tripod, trying to find the best composition for the shots.

They started to walk around me in a distance about 70 meters, as I understand and observed - they were looking for my scent - this kind of behavior is quite logic - and I saw it in real - when they finally started to "feel" me, they became much more relaxed and even started to feed again.



It was very interesting experience. They stayed close to me for about 10 minutes. In this time I was able to take some shots and record some videos.

Great morning meeting. Fantastic animals :).

Hope You will like the gallery!
Have a great day!

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