Walk around Anundhög in Sweden. Photography Preperation


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Light Painting the Viking Ships of Anundshög.
Where are we going? She says visiting some friends in Westeros 1.5 hours outside of Stockholm. My initial thought was going straight to Dragons and White Walkers - "Game of Thrones". But all wrong. It is called Västerås and has nothing to do with Dragons and sex scenes.

The Main Attraction is certainly the assembled rock formation Ships, at the Anundshög historic sight. Here is my reason to go there at night and get a Light Painting of the spot. Going home with one of the longest exposures of the last year.

Here I will walk with you around the spot so you can identify your personal favorite composition, your spot for your photo. The spot has many beautiful lines and patterns that can be the basis for a great photo. Wish I had more time to spend there. I hope this helps you to get a little bit of a head starts in exploring the area not only be Google maps.

Why did I make that video?

Often I investigated locations before I go to photograph there. Several tools are at hand: Google Maps, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, SunSurveyer and Sky Map, weather apps, and location scouting websites, and of course Youtube. Here I could look for the right angle to get the composition I would like. Yet most Fotos don't tell you the spot it was taken (Locationscout.net gives you some hints) and Videos are not with the purpose of finding new vantage points.
For that reason, I started to share walks and fly around a location. Even I go back to my video and look for new compositions and spots that I have missed when I was there.

If you plan on going to Sweden you may consider watching this video when Annungshög ends up on your travel list.


I really hope you liked what you saw and this was informative and maybe also inspirational. If you have more questions please do not hesitate. I am happy to share my knowledge.

Gunnar Heilmann Photogrpahy

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