The Viking Anundshög Runestone, at the Anundshög historic sight.

Light Painting in a summer's night on a Viking Rune at the Anundshög.2021_08_06_15_sweden_68_lr_2.jpg

Visiting Sweden you find a lot of Viking historic sights. In Anundshög. you find the largest tumulus in Sweden. In the image, you see the biggest burial mount. The mount is considered The main feature yet is the Runestone.

For this, I took a really quick sweep with the flashlight from LightPaintingParadise (that I use all the time) over the rock. Then I used the blue one that I got from my friend Sven in the background and a LED Lenser P7 for the burial mount and the background. All that took 84 seconds in that single exposure, with the camera set to ISO 800 and F$.5. No tricks but what I just described.

The illustration next to the rock explains what's known about the rock. It's not that much. Makes you wonder why they put it up.

The translation of the runes says: "Folkvid raised all of these stones after his son Heden, Anund's brother. Vred carved the runes."


When seeing this rock I felt right away I want to light paint this rock. So I did the very same night. Changing a little bit about travel plans but was happy when I saw the results. Checking out everything during the daytime I could lay out what I was going to do during the night.


Maps and Information signs help you when you walk along with the different features of the sight. This one was very useful when I arrived. You can see the Rune


The entire area is very well developed and holds no surprises walking around at night. So that's good.

At first, I tried to face the rock directly for you to see the engravings properly as large as I can get it in one frame. For the main shot, I wanted to ad the main burial mount in the same frame.

For this shot, I used a small flashlight to quickly light up the rock. The exposure time here is only 25 seconds. Just to get the rock would have been finding a few seconds, but I was in hope for some meteorite showing up in my viewing area. Well in that very shot a huge one was directly behind the rock coming don behind the burial mount. so in the frame but hidden behind the rock. It was huge.

This was a super-fast 25-second exposure, not super difficult.

But make no mistake what you see as the main image is not a composite of all these images. It is me taking the experience and knowledge about each individual step and perform it all together in one go.
Here all that comes together in the main featured shot.

I hope it was informative and maybe also inspirational. If you have more questions please do not hesitate. I am happy to share my knowledge.

Gunnar Heilmann Photogrpahy

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