Portrait of "The Symbol of Alien" - 4 images

Light Painting the sculpture of the most iconic alien of all time.


Who doesn't know the Alien from the movie with the very word in the name? It is one for we all remember from the movie by Ridley Scott, May 25, 1979. It became an entire "Alien (franchise)".

This subject of my Light Paintings I feature today is a sculpture that is located at the Cristalica Glasshouse in Döbern. is about 1.5h south of Berlin and is very visible from the street. It's a huge glass pyramid not to miss.

A feature of that icon was so exciting. A night of Light Painting with some friends with super cool subjects to shoot. Here is one of the Alien sculptures. We had about 20 metal sculptures all in all.


For these images, I used my standard scanner device that I always use + various different color flashlights. Of course - I love that subject and the sculpture itself. The technique that I used here was super simple in comparison to what I would normally do but I think it is less of a matter of taste. Much more subtle I put emphasis on the features that I see could be "high lighted". Just scan and place some colors - done.


Last I share, as usual, the simplistic lighting test that I always run before the actual light painting.


It's always tricky to photograph someone else's art. Here I am super happy that we were allowed all the freedom of our interpretation with light. At first, I was not sure about this but it turned out to become so much fun. The night went so fast - I could have stayed at least 2 more hours.

I really hope you liked what you saw and this was informative and maybe also inspirational. If you have more questions please do not hesitate. I am happy to share my knowledge.

Gunnar Heilmann Photogrpahy

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