Living room asparagus - Light Painting plants

What you can do at home when the weather is not to make you go outside.

In the process of recording a tutorial video for Learn Desk, I used this little living room asparagus as a model.

The tricky part here was that the model moves with the slidest wind. One would think that plants hold still. The branches are so slim and wave around when you pass by with the flashlight. The conclusion here is that a flash would probably be a better idea.
Here speed will actually work against you different to normal.


The Canon R5 camera was set to F16 ISO 100 at 35mm on the 16-35mm F2.8 Lens. The exposure time was only 10 seconds. Which is for many photographers here already a looooong exposure. For Light Painters, it is relatively short.


As usual, I would explain how to do that basic ambient and/or environment lighting before adding any fancy effects.


For the second image, I used a 35cm long plexiglass rod that was attached to a blinking flashlight, and of course, I shed first some light on the plant itself. Those who visit my blog on a regular basis will know that I work on the same principles: first basic light then adding effects. As I mentioned many times before.

That's what you see here. The two steps in the single exposure time of 12 seconds. The Canon R5 camera was set to F16 ISO 100 at 35mm on the 16-35mm F2.8 Lens.

Have a wonderful start to the week.

Got any questions?
I am super happy to explain it in more detail if needed.

Gunnar Heilmann Photogrpahy

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