Feature a friend - Sven Gerad in Light Painting

He takes me places I love and he inspires me while having fun.


More shots from the Hangar I was sharing before. This time I want to feature a special friend once again. He can be that super grumpy Berlin Bear but you always know what to expect and I feel I can rely on him 100%.

He is relaxed and I can be just myself. Not being judged is a rare trade these days. Just having fun light painting and being out in the wild taking photos. No Problem with Sven.



As mentioned before I went to this cool place with featured friend Sven Gerard that epic LightPainter known as Lichtkunstfoto.de and good friend. The Hangar is just outside of Berlin near another impressive Hangar.

This Hangar is just a few hundred meters away on the same airfield. I was used for a project called Cargo Lifter but now it's called Tropical Island. You can actually go swimming there.
While shooting the foto we would hear the Lifeguards calling people to behave.
Just to give you a side note on the size of that hangar have a look at the Wikipedia entry or this image


For reference, look at the people in the bottom left corner.

Anyhow that's not where we took the photos. That small MIG 29 hangar was much more interesting to us ;-)
So here you see again the baseline lighting attempt. Walking up and down and sideways to do the Lighting shot took only 22 seconds.

The first featured image took 158 seconds and the second image took 91 seconds of exposure at ISO50. To get the entire hangar I used the LAOWA Zero D 12mm F2.8 Lens. Amazing lens for architecture and landscape. Here it was working for us nicely. But before it worked I needed to practice the individual steps.


After the white lighting test, I performed the same thing with colors. It was a bit more complicated because I handled multiple flashlights after another and took 127 seconds as you see it here. Lighting up my feet while running to the end of the hangar.

But make no mistake what you see as the main image is not a composite of all these images. It is me taking the experience and knowledge about each individual step and perform it all together in one go.
Here all that comes together in the main featured shot.

I hope it was informative and maybe also inspirational. If you have more questions please do not hesitate. I am happy to share my knowledge.

Gunnar Heilmann Photogrpahy

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