On The Way Back Home

As some of you may have noticed I'm trying to post more consistently on my blog recently :)

I think that for this week I've done a pretty good work (counting this post I've published more posts in a single week than in the whole 2019) and this is in part due to the shift in the topics I write about.

My previous 2 posts had focused on @steempeak development (you can read them here and here). So probably it's time to start sharing some pictures again :D

Considering that I've not been able to catch up on the huge backlog of photos stored in my hard drives I decided to create a small collage with images captured during my daily commute with a smartphone.


Also considering that I'm working to integrate PALnet on steempeak.com I think this is a good time to start using the PALNET tag to start experimenting with my own posts :)


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