If you go down to the woods today.........

So.. another cast back to 2018 and a trip down to the woods with a few friends...

An old RAF Base in Lincolnshire, still having some stores and buildings knocking about proved a great base for a strange shoot...

Models, Louise, Cat, Aiden, Indrija, Aoife, Michael, Safia and Ellie Mae.. A good day was had by all, really cannot wait to get back out... But, I can't lie, I've enjoyed having a bit of a look back at previous shoots..

last hurrah1.jpg

last hurrah13.jpg

last hurrah14.jpg

last hurrah16.jpg

last hurrah110.jpg

last hurrah112.jpg

last hurrah113.jpg

last hurrah114.jpg

last hurrah115.jpg

last hurrah123.jpg

last hurrah124.jpg

last hurrah128.jpg

last hurrah129.jpg

last hurrah111.jpg

last hurrah125.jpg

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