Plants & Animals photos - Winners of the last week

Shutting down...
Structures are the last open challenge, I close it tomorrow.
Here's the announcement of the last Wednesday winners!

Hi all! It's Wednesday! You shared your 'Plants/Animals' photos!

Sad news... Pilot weeks are over. It was a nice experience! Insufficient funds, I'm shutting down. I will close all the open challenges with the prizes as I've done normally but I won't start new ones. Thank you very much for the support, for your participation, it was a pleasure playing with you. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to run a daily contest without a sponsor. But don't worry! I might be back! ;-) Keep sharing your amazing photos!

Congratulations to the winners!

by @nelinoeva - Entry post

by @betterthanhome - Entry post

by @ileana56 - Entry post

by @zirochka - Entry post

by @hangin - Entry post

by @cryptoyzzy - Entry post

by @jayclar30 - Entry post

Each winner gets 0.5 Steem.
I will transfer your prizes tomorrow, together with the winners' of the last challenge.

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