Are you a phone case-person or not?


...because I am.

Do you still remember those colorful Nokia phone cases which were popular in the early 2000s? I was a child back then, but I instantly fell in love with the idea of customization or just changing the looks whenever you like it.

Then the popularity slightly faded, we had newer and more improved phones and the trend went from phone cases to putting some gems or stickers.

Since those times, I've always wanted to put something glittery or colorful when I get my own phone. I knew back then that I will never settle on a plain stuff and will always find something new (a creative mind :p). And since we now have improved phone cases that we could just put around our phones, that became easier!


Before we move on to the design, I always prioritize phone protection. I know some of you don't put anything on a phone at all which is completely fine as phones nowadays are built with extra protection. Me though, I can't stand seeing my phone naked as I know scratches can happen anytime and I don't want that.


I ordered some tempered glass on Shopee (Southeast Asia's Amazon lol). I know they are cheap, I certainly don't think it will protect my phone from cracking the screen but I only want to protect it from scratches since I don't actually drop my stuff too often (rare!).

Pretty sure there are a lot of better ones in the market (the branded ones) but I personally don't see any difference on how it affects the screen or how I glide my fingers etc.


I have a tip for any of you though (especially in the Philippines). When you buy a new phone and/or ask the store to install a tempered glass for you, make sure you see the process from them opening the product to installing it.

There was this one time we were in a Samsung store and asked them to install a tempered glass. The cost of the screen protector was around $16 and of course we expected they'd install the branded one (I forgot the brand name) that costs $16. What they did was they pretended to get the screen from the storage room and pretended to unbox it there. So what we saw was just the lady holding the screen protector (without the packaging and all). I asked them to show me the packaging but they kept on giving me excuses like they already threw it away, it's in the trash etc.

I wasn't dumb so I kept on just asking for it and they NEVER showed me the package of that screen protector. I ended up calling the official Samsung customer service and reported what happened because I am 100% that the one they just installed only cost around $0.60 (cos the screen looks exactly like the one in my pic) and they made us pay $16. They ended up refunding us the next day cos I was complaining and who knows they might be scamming people til now.


Anyway, I also bought a camera protector to prevent it from scratches. It doesn't affect my camera quality which is good enough. :D



I have clear cases that don't have designs too (so it feels like I'm holding my phone raw but isn't ya know) and I also have these ones! They are so cute and it reflects my different moods. It doesn't damage the phone either cos it's not a hard shell, it's just jelly.



This one is cute lol. Maybe I'd use this when I feel badass. xD


One of the things I love about having an iPhone is that there are cases there literally everywhere! Whatever design they have, they make sure they have an iPhone version. lol

And yes, this gave me an idea to print my art on a case :D


I also have this clear one with a metal thing which looks quite elegant but I also wanna try customizing my own next time. Or just buy one with luxury gems (that doesn't hurt my wallet) haha.

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