New STEEM Phishing List Repository


Due to overwhelming demand, @plentyofphish now has its own Github repository at

This gives bot and service owners two distinct ways of including the data in their projects, thereby fortifying them against misuse by hackers.

The Readme

The Readme file covers:


This repository will also grant phishing victims yet another way of getting in touch with us to get help or to let us know they've lost or recovered their accounts.

The list of accounts will be re-synced as frequently as possible, aiming for every 48 hours with a full audit every 2 weeks. There are a total of 3 documents, @plentyofphish and now the repository that are actively maintained. Compromise of the list is not possible due to a mix of on-chain, off-chain and offline storage. Yes, we take phishing seriously.

Please remember that this is NOT a blacklist. The majority of the accounts on the list are victims.

The rewards generated by @plentyofphish account posts will go straight into the dev bank for the project.

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