How Heart Intelligence Will End The Obsession With Safety

There is a quote saying that anybody choosing security over freedom deserves neither. More than ever, that very quote is about to be entirely validated.

We have come a long way to finally get where we're at. Lots of suffering has been inflicted to secure one of few eternal truths regulating this universe. The escalation of our problems is no surprise because society has the bad habit to assume that problems will fix themselves eventually and that the next generation will take care of them.

But there is no future, only the "Now". There is no other way that we'd have learned otherwise. The lesson is extremely tough.

Truth must be experienced, and there is no escape because Truth basically destroys. The right teachings from a very young age can for sure minimize suffering but still the latter exists at every level of awareness because being incarnated, born if you prefer, implies that we only can comprehend the purpose of our journey while investigating our own tensions generated by the dualism within.

We have all the answers already and we have to stop being afraid of our own (unlimited) power.

Failure is thus embedded in the polarity principle. From there it's easy to grasp why society has always been preoccupied with safety and therefore the ability to make long-term projections. We have done this for a few millennia but honestly, did it help the greater good?

Human resilience has, nonetheless, grown stronger despite the delusions generated by every unfolding century. But that very resilience had a quite cruel downside. In the process, we also became sicker as a society, because the same issues were never really addressed but retailored by new ideologies that turned out to be mere fallacies. It is thus not a coincidence at all that we even ended up harming the biosphere, ourselves, and future generations as well.

For a return to sanity to occur, we will have to learn to live more in the "Now", reject all forms of speculations holding human potential hostage. Education and empathy should not depend on a hierarchical construct dictated by materialistic worldviews nor bank accounts. But for the heart to express itself, there is no other way around, this is what we'll have to do, and for the sake of our civilization.

And this is even entirely supported by science today.

The brain is a decoder of emotions but real emotional intelligence is always initiated by the heart which hosts around 40,000 sensory neurites, in other words, "brain-like cells" that can think independently and have the upper hand at the condition to welcome the heart-brain connection to take place. But education had taught that the brain was all there was to help us decipher life. Ruling ideologies are such a deception. This is just another piece of data that we need to let go of, as explains Gregg Braden in his video.

(to be continued)

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