Are ALL Diets Controlled Oppositions?

To answer our headline, we think so but there is a compelling twist and which we are going to attempt to explain as clearly and succinctly as possible.

First and foremost, we should keep in mind that the "model" is a myth because Nature's only goal is to make sure that every organism and train of thought are complementary and sustain biodiversity. Competition is a model dying in front of our very eyes.

Last week, we came across a topic we shouldn't take lightly. Have you ever heard of "oxalates", which come from "oxalic acid" and present in many foods, nearly all of them actually? There are two kinds, soluble and insoluble and of course, insoluble oxalates and foods that contain low oxalate levels are highly recommended to avoid kidney stones and other ailments. But sadly oxalate studies rarely agree fully and that means that there quite much-biased data out there, although oxalates really harm in the long run. There is no doubt about that, the question is "how much" harmful?

The video here below features Sally Norton who is an oxalate guru according to some, the way she articulates is rather antagonistic to vegetables and pro-carnism. But definitely worth listening, overall.

The fact is that studies on oxalate tolerance often differ and that is why homework is definitely needed. Moreover, the liver makes oxalates too naturally. It feels as if the Universe is conspiring in a way to make us understand that eating scientifically is now our last resort to save the planet. We blogged about this a few months ago, and also wrote about the Pythagorean Diet, which is fully vegetarian. Just scroll down if you missed our blogs.

Yes, the situation is pretty bad. Even the FDA now admitted that baby foods are tainted with arsenic and heavy chemicals, in March this year.

As we see it, some caution is required to avoid overloading the body with oxalates and certainly until science begins to get the data aligned though research is practically nowhere, maybe for a reason, a reason that most of us can easily fathom: corporations and pharma just would hate people to know how to heal themselves. In other words, it's business as usual.

Shouldn't we find a remedy to the systemic abuse of ignorance (treat it as a humanitarian crime) and should people remain unable to demand political and financial transparency, our top-down is here to stay, along with flocks of opportunists and insiders who're better informed. This is the dark side of individualism.

In this video, Dr . Grundy's saying that tomatoes are literally poison when not peeled and seeds are not removed. But Italian, Spanish, and Greek people consider it as a staple and have eaten them and for centuries. So what did they know that we do not know?

Our take here is that all diets should depend on geographical location and seasons. By seasonal eating, we essentially mean following a diet that we respect Nature's cycles, The Principle of Rhythm. We firmly believe that every region also had an ancestral way of eating and cooking veggies and consuming fruits but much of that knowledge was lost (i.e concealed by you know who).

For example, quinoa, according to Dr. Grundy again, must too be avoided at all cost, yet he acknowledges that ancient tribes fermented it, which is very healthy he then contended. Beans are too hazardous when not pressured cooked long enough. And so on. It is up to you to start your research into this topic so you will be able to make up your mind.

Yesterday we watched the interview of a Florin Gomet (in French) who is completely vegan and crossed Alaska by foot... so our take is that not only knowledge plays a role here but the Consciousness Factor might be even more important. Inuits eat raw fish, reindeer, and marine mammals, so what is the difference between them and the French adventurer? Would the latter start eating meat exclusively if relocating to the Arctic circle?

To paraphrase the so-called fact-checkers trying to debunk vegetarianism, the question is difficult to research and certainty on the issue remains elusive.

Remember that we are engaged in a metaphysical battle after all. In our view though, at a human scale, there is no right/wrong state of consciousness as long as coercion is absent because all levels of consciousness are complementary. Indeed, there must be a metaphysical reason why any specific diet works best for a particular group of people. Or should we call them "believers"?

In India, Yogis are known to be vegetarians and enjoy longer and healthier lifespans than the average. Then we have breatharianism which only very few Yogis have mastered but does that make their practice illegitimate? The video below narrates the story of such a Yogi who hasn't swallowed any food nor liquid for close to 90 years and the 10-day experiment conducted in a clinic under tied monitoring. They found out that his bladder was reabsorbing urine!

This is making the case of what we think is happening: the mind dictates and controls nutritional needs, would the choice be veganism, vegetarianism carnism, or breatharianism. The Terrain Theory has also its gurus advocating for eating mostly fruits.

In 2018 Florin Gomet did a 360 km trekking and fast during his entire expedition in the Mackenzie Mountains. When he got back home, he immediately penned a book titled "The March Without Hunger". If interested you will find more about his philosophy here: (please use google translate)

As we see it, fasting has centuries of track records and is today being reconsidered by many people, and this time even science supports it. Some people will do extremely well being vegans, others not. It is all about metaphysics and the Mind living in sync with its awareness.

The body will listen and follow. If you have done Ayahuasca you surely recall that a "strict dieta" is absolutely recommended before drinking the sacred brew.

The flesh of animals raised without stress and eating right is key here. Although we definitely think that animal sacrifices are unnecessary, if the whole planet replaced meat with eggs and cheese, we'd be running into a mega problem too. Maybe are all diets complementary... and that we'll just have to accept that. We'll end this blog with Sadhguru extrapolating on Yogis Living Without Food and Water.

One thing is certain though: regardless of the diet we end up choosing, eating to indulge, gluttony will have to be dealt with and overcome once and for all. And we'd better grasp this fast because if we do not learn to control our minds, the Great Reset Planners surely will.

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