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Post: Understanding Bitcoin dominance in the market


The use case of BTC dominance is it helps traders to understand and keep track of market movement.
when there is an increase in BTC dominance BTC price goes up and the altcoin price decrease.

This means that as a trader you will likely be in the BTC market when there is an increase in dominance and also in altcoin when there is a decrease.

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Post: The speculative dollar in Venezuela


When the citizen goes out to buy any product for his daily food or other things, he finds that the prices fixed in dollars are not really what he will pay, because while it is true that there is an official dollar whose rate is given by the BCV and several parallel ones that are published in different web pages, all without respecting the legal variants regarding the real calculation of the national currency, there is an even worse one that has no electronic or physical supports but is invented by the merchant to apply an excessive usury, I call it the speculative dollar.

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Post: Money lessons that needs to be learned.


It is very necessary to build up assets and gain more assets all the time but while building up those assets, it is also important to be on the lookout for cash flow. That you have lots of assets does not necessarily guarantee that your life is perfect, the acquired assets should generate cash flow or you might just have to sell them at a time you least expect.

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