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Post : How to invest in cryptocurrencies


Some important factors need to be followed diligently before any interested investor would venture into any crypto project to predict such project market future.
With proper research on such a project, an investor can easily foresee if such a project will hold long-term profit in the competitive market.

Let's say Mr. A wants to invest in a particular crypto project with a particular cryptocurrency $Bv coin.
Making necessary research about $Bv coin will be all Mr. A will be doing. here are some of the important things he will be looking out for.

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Post: Tokenomics’ in cryptocurrency: A crash course

Blockchain technology have gained seamless applications. As a versatile technology, it supports several use cases depending on how it is been developed and the applications built upon it. For some of these applications, it is used plainly as a blockchain.

However, for most blockchain projects, cryptographically generated tokens are created to allow its users perform some activities on the blockchain. Such blockchain projects are said to be Tokenized. cryptographic tokens assume the role of a token in it’s real sense.

Cryptographic Tokens attached to blockchains are generally known as cryptocurrencies. Apart from enabling users of the blockchain to perform activities on the blockchain, it incentivizes the users and represent both the financial and technological strength of the project. Cryptocurrencies reflects the value of the blockchain project to which is attached

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Post : Some considerations on emotional attachment

In this sense, I consider that the first step to overcome this type of situation is that people accept that they suffer from this type of dependence and can be treated by some specialists and of course it is always good to have people from whom they receive support and allow them to emerge from this type of situations that some might go unnoticed.

As I mentioned before it is important to seek help from specialists such as psychologists, since a psychologist can provide the necessary way to see life from another point of view where you can be calm, happy and achieving all the success you can and the most important thing is that the person will recover his self-esteem and essence.