Useless information #65 – This is why dogs tilt their heads when we speak to them

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We talk to dogs and they tilt the head and look at us. We can feel they understand us.
About the head tilt… think about yourself. Don’t we move our heads sometimes when we are desperately trying to hear well?!
They hear way better than us but they still do that kind of movement.
But when we are just there… they should be able to ear us easily, right?
Definitely, but sometimes they are looking for familiar tones associated with reward. That’s the reason for all that attention and careful listening.
Body language also matters a lot and they want to watch us carefully! Some breeds barely tilt the head while others do it all the time.

A hint?


This is something we do not experience and thus we are not aware but a muzzle obstructs the vision to a certain extent. A dog, particularly with longer muzzle, has difficulty to view a person’s entire face at once and that’s a good reason to move the head a little bit!

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