Upgrading tortoise enclosure to a bigger and better one

I mentioned that a tortoise enclosure is not perfect and that we built her a smaller functional first-hand enclosure the first day. The front side is not high enough, not as is recommended but so far it is fine. Entire enclosure is working and tortoise is satisfied with our treatment, shows no fear and enjoys food very much.

Tortoise has enough space to walk around inside of a terrarium and explore objects we place for her. It is still not a recommended size, so soon she is getting a bigger enclosure with more space and fun.
The animal is remarkably intelligent which is surprising for me, but it kind of makes sense for the species that is older than dinosaurs to have a subsequential intelligence necessary for survival.

I will build a better and bigger habitat for her as fast as I can. This one will only suffice for a start.

With time she will require a bigger indoor habitat anyways or a nice outdoor garden. The indoor habitat for a single adult specimen or a pair is around the dimensions of a single-person bed. This won't be all that hard because we really have the space.

A specimen this small in many cases becomes prey to various predators, mostly craws and other birds, and rarely lives up to adulthood. They can live up and above 100 years in perfect conditions. In nature they usually suffer accidents and various predators.

I will report more about our crawling friend soon.

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