Tortoise behavior and adaptation to her new environment

After a week of royal treatment, a tortoise no longer showing fear and doesn't burrow after noticing she has been observed. She doesn't fit into a shell in fear anymore and freely walks even across our feet and hands without much worry if they move or not.

She shows interest in various colors and shows joy when supplied with plants native to her climate - by hopping on a pile like on a bed and exploring plants with the interest.

On multiple occasions, she stacked various objects dragging them from another parts of enclosure to exit a terrarium and that is unlikely behavior.
Also, for some reason, she is pushing the same pearly-colored pebble next to a banana piece exactly at the same spot - regardless of where I place the same rock. At first, I thought that is just a coincidence, but when it continued to repeat I started to wonder if I am imagining things.

After a while, she learned how to invite us to let her out for a stroll across the room - by scratching vigorously at the certain point of a terrarium wall that has a flap door. Now she is doing only that to attract out attention, and no longer stacks items.

Multiple times per day we take her for a walk across the room. She enjoys observing new things and is showing interest in her surroundings.
After quite an interesting exercise she either goes to sleep or simply "sunbathes".

This tortoise is female and my kid named her Merlin ( both male and female name, depending on how it's spelled). Merlyn is female, which means shining sea, and Merlin is male means sea fortress. They are both pronounced as Merlin, a famous mythical druid wizard from Arthurian legends.

I will report more about our crawling friend soon.

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