Heating and light for tortoise terrarium

Tortoises are cold-blooded and need external heat and special heating light surroundings to function properly.

The working temperature of this tortoise is above 25 Celsius and the most appreciated temperature is around 28 Celsius. So, basically the desert conditions.

This tortoise can also see ultraviolet and that range of light is necessary for her to enjoy colors as well as beneficial for her shell.

For the purpose of stable temperature, I installed a heater made of a table lamp that is insulated to prevent overheating and to assure the tortoise receives a comfortable dissipated warmth.

I occasionally spray some water inside of the habitat, but just a little as this tortoise appreciates warm and dry conditions rather than moist.

The terrarium is well insulated itself so during the night I can freely plug out the heater as tortoise usually burrows into warm soil.

For additional insulation, because it is set in an AC room, I placed thick sheets of colorful newspapers on the sides to prevent temperature loss as much as possible. The temperature is stable, even during the night when the set is shut, so I guess it is working.

I placed a well-protected thermometer directly in a terrarium and till now a whole set maintains temperature on the required level.

I will report more about our crawling friend soon.

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