Rest In Piece My Friend


Just posted about him not long ago that my wife and I are fostering him and help with his recovery. Yet, it is very saddening that he had passed away on 2 days ago. The morning of that day, we still had fun and have a little jog around the car porch and his poo was getting better in colour and texture too (preciously was like so watery and super smelly). Yet, when it comes to lunch time, he refused to eat and we tried to get him fed with wet food, also to no avail. During afternoon, he ate a bit of the wet food given and continue to rest for the day. During dinner time, he also refused to eat which we started to feel suspicious. My wife went on to check it’s mouth and gum and saw that it had turned whitish. Without wasting time, we rushed to nearby pharmacy to buy some iron for him to replenish his blood cells. Unfortunately, after consuming the supplement and iron, he went on to sleep beside my desk. Then around 10pm ish, he woke up and moved to another spot which I thought he just want to adjust his spot. The next thing I knew is watching him lie down again after a few steps and just gone. His pee started to flow out and my wife quickly check his heart. We are shocked on how he just passed away without making a sound too. The only thing we can do was to clean him up and put him in a box which then we send the carcass to be incinerated the next day. May him Rest In Peace!

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