Howie Rubin, Ex-Soros Trader sued for Viciously Abusing Women In "Manhattan Sex Dungeon" That's the tip of the Iceberg and Norm in the Upper Class Hoods

Please read this article by ZeroHedge & video by James Munder and share. Soros/Emperor Palpatine must go.
All by design by the powers that shouldn't be for NWO Agenda for depopulation agenda 21 and 2030. The Elite are a Cancer imposing their Satanic s*** on us. There are those who fall for the deception as Sheep who rejected Christ/God/Yeshua to pursue the desires of the flesh, material things, for personal gain for power, wealth at all costs without empathy nor respect to none. Then you have those who say they are a Christian, Awake, etc. turns out they are Illuminati Gatekeepers. Beware of those who say one thing and do another, they are of whom they associate with are their real friends.

Ex-Soros Trader Sued For Viciously Abusing Women In "Manhattan Sex Dungeon"

From the article, the rest you can read or watch the video.
"Out of all the stories of harassment, abuse and victimization of women that have emerged since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke last month, this one is possibly the most bizarre, and - if accurate - repugnant.
To wit, the New York Post reported Friday that a former portfolio manager at Soros Fund Management, the firm founded by Billionaire investor George Soros, sadistically abused and victimized women in a Manhattan penthouse sex dungeon - even beating one woman so brutally that one of her breast implants flipped.
Howie Rubin, 62, a former Bear Stearns trader who was featured in the best-selling Michael Lewis novels “Liar’s Poker” and “The Big Short,” was accused in a $27 million lawsuit filed in Brooklyn federal court of luring women to his sex dungeon, abusing them, then trying to silence them with settlements and NDAs.
Two unnamed female fixers and a lawyer abetted Rubin’s abusive sexual romps by coaxing women into signing NDAs."

A lawyer for one of the women blasted Rubin’s alleged conduct.
“While arrogance and self-import may convince certain men otherwise, neither money nor power gives any person the right to victimize a woman,” said Jeremy Saland.


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