My entry to the Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 95

Hello again, here's my entry for the Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 95 hosted by @pifc. The contest is run by @thedarkhorse and I am one of the judges along with @tryskele, @lynncoyle1 & @viking-ventures.

The rules of this challenge are very simple: Feature 2 High Quality Original Content Blog Posts from Steemians with less than $2 earnings at the moment.

Well, actually I'll be breaking the rules a bit since I found 3 very undervalued posts, so I'll be featuring 3 instead of 2.

This week I picked a post about Pesticides, another about a the Blockchain Technology and a third one about using Steem for improving English skills. All three posts are from Portuguese speaking authors I've been following with my alternative account (@trincowski-pt), which I mostly use for Portuguese related content: @mitty, @shaden and @anacristinasilva.

Despite speaking Portuguese, all of these authors have been publishing in English, just like me. After all, the English language has a lot more visibility in this platform.

All 3 posts were re-steemed with my secondary account and one of them was re-steemed a few days ago with my main account. I'll be re-steeming the remaining 2 articles in a few hours, to give them a bit more of exposure.

Here's the preview for their posts:


#1 - @mitty (54)

I have been following @mitty for a long time. Most of the times he just shares a quick article using DLike but sometimes he does a longer article, which was the case with his last post, 3 days ago.

@mitty has joined the Steem Network on April 23, 2019 and he's been not very consistent about it. Sometimes he makes 7 posts in a week, other times he publishes only 2 posts in a whole month.
His content is usually Political driven, very critic of the US, and maybe that's one of the reasons he doesn't make many friends here.

In this featured post @mitty gives us his honest thoughts about the US Governments and uses the example of dangerous Pesticides to make his point across. His opinion might not be very popular among US readers, but hey, he ain't alone in his views. Many of us Europeans share the same feelings about US Politics, including myself.

Image Source

He makes some pretty compelling arguments on this article, specially about the US Governments allowing companies to overcome science when they allow the release of certain chemical based products to the markets, without enough testing.

This post is sitting at only $0.13 in rewards. Surely he deserves a little bit more...

Featured Post Links: 1Ramp / Busy / eSteem / SteemPeak / Steeve / SteemIt
Featured Post Tribes: Talking Point / LifeStyle / Neoxian City / PalNet

#2 - @shaden (56)

@shaden is an author I've only discovered yesterday, even though he's from my own hometown of Porto, Portugal and has joined the Steem Network almost 3 years ago, in June 14, 2017. Oddly enough, I only found him because his article was re-steemed by @brazine, an account from Brazil!


Image Source

@shaden usually writes about software and technology. He doesn't write very often, though... I see he makes 2 or 3 articles per month and not every month.

This featured post from @shaden is an excellent and very exhaustive article about the Blockchain Technology and some of its use cases. This is by far the best from all 3 articles and the reason I list it in second place is because I always list the authors by order of their reputation number.

Image Source

I think this post should earn a lot more than $0.14, so please pay him a visit.

Featured Post Links: 1Ramp / Busy / eSteem / SteemPeak / Steeve / SteemIt

#3 - @anacristinasilva (67)

I have been following @anacristinasilva quite some time. She's from Brazil and her blog is a bit philosophical, as she shares a little about everything that goes through her mind, from Personal Questions about life in general to Politics and Feelings.

Ana Cristina has also joined the Steem Network nearly 3 years ago, on June 12, 2017 and her articles are consistently good. Just like @mitty, she can get out 7 posts in a week or just a couple of posts in a month. Another thing they have in common is that I couldn't find any personal photo from them, I guess they prefer to keep a certain level of anonymity in this platform, so let's respect their decision.

In this featured post @anacristinasilva tells us that she wants to get better at English and will use the Steem Network to improve her fluency level. Sounds like a great idea to me.

Image Source

Using the Internet is actually a very good way to learn English. I've been doing that for years now, and it helped me a lot. I've learned more English by browsing the Internet and discussing with others online than in school. 🤗

This post has only $0.08 in rewards. This is so little it hurts...

Featured Post Links: 1Ramp / Busy / eSteem / SteemPeak / Steeve / SteemIt
Featured Post Tribes: Creative Coin / LifeStyle / Neoxian City / PalNet / Marlians DBlog / UpFundMe

Final Thoughts

Right now, all 3 blogs has very tiny rewards: $0.13, $0.14 and $0.08, respectively. A few more upvotes wouldn't hurt anyone, would it? Please help make it happen, by spreading some love on their posts.

All three authors @mitty, @shaden and @anacristinasilva have been blogging for a long time but not very regularly. @mitty and @anacristinasilva have learned about the Tribes and Tags, though, and have been using the right Tags for their posts.

@shaden, you'll need to work a bit on that, if you want to survive around here. Only one tag on our post? No wonder you don't get much visibility on your articles.

A final suggestion for @shaden and @mitty: even though you use a free image or already state the source of the article which has the same image in your post, please state the source of the image again, right below the image itself. You broke no rules but there are some pretty strict moderators about that, on Steem.

Please give @mitty, @shaden and @anacristinasilva some love and support. Any help is appreciated.

If you want to join the contest, here's more info about the "Pay It Forward" contest hosted by @pifc.

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Contest Announcement: Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 95 hosted by @pifc.

Please support @mitty, @shaden and @anacristinasilva with a few upvotes, follows, resteems, comments.
The liquid share from this post's profits with be equally shared with the authors, a few time after payout. 😉

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